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goats for hire
Goats Eat Weeds

Goats are an alternative method of Noxious Weed Control that is Environmentally friendly and Rancher friendly.

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Land Stewardship
What's the problem with pesticides?

Goats provide non-toxic noxious weed control, simultaneously reducing tinder for fires and building soil nutrients through fertilization. Pesticides don't.

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Excellent Educational Program
Goats Work

Learn proven method of Ecological Land Management and Restoration using large traveling goat herds.

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Do you have unwanted noxious weeds?

Are you unable or unwilling to apply herbicides or pesticides to manage them? 10 Reasons to Manage Weeds with Goats. Goats:

  • Goats eliminate the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides
  • Goats reduce your fossil fuel consumption
  • Goats are bio-control agents used to control weeds
  • Goats eat noxious plants like Hemlock, Poison Oak, Pampas Grass, Blackberry Bushes, Blooming Yellow Star Thistle, and Mustard species
  • Goats slow down or prevent forest fires by eating the dry stuff before the fire season strikes
  • Goats browse year-round and are an important part of grazing land management
  • Goats do not to compete with cattle for grass - they are browsers, whose diet consists of about 70% non-grassy species
  • Goat grazing makes good cattle pastures and cattle grazing makes good goat pastures
  • Goat hooves till and aerate the soil and trample in their own fertilizer
  • Goats eat 3% of their body weight/day of dry matter (dry matter is like a bale of hay, whereas lush green food is mostly water)

Lani Malmberg, owner of Ewe4ic Ecological Services, aka Goat Green, LLC uses goats in a controlled grazing environment to gradually and naturally remove weeds and return your land to a healthy, natural ecosystem. Malmberg wanders the meadows, hillsides and waterways of the West, trusted dogs at side, pitting 1,500 cashmere goats against pockets of unwanted weeds that infest the landscape.